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Laetitia Hugo Physiotherapists

Physical Therapy
in Action
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The Practice was established during 1992 and through hard work and dedication, has grown to its current format.


The Principal, Laetitia Hugo, is supported by 3 other physiotherapists : Hilda du Toit, Denine Domingo and Christelene Cloete. The team is made up of skilled professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of specializations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our patients.

Completing the team are a Practice manager, IT manager and 3 Administrative personnel. There are also 2 Support personnel who assist in the smooth running of the practice.

Mission Statement

This physiotherapy practice strives to provide the highest quality physiotherapy service to our patients, referring practitioners and the community.

Our Management Philosophy

We believe the Practice should be more than just a centre for treatments. It should be a place where people feel welcome and cared for, where their needs are met above and beyond their expectations.

At the same time, the personnel should feel that they are part of a team that is working towards a common goal, and where every member is valued for his/her input.

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