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Worcester is not only the Capital of the Breede River Valley, but is also branded as the Care Capital of South Africa, therefore the need for a centre which embraces the whole community and ALL the Institutions for Persons with Disabilities, was identified and fulfilled in Beit Bracha Rehabilitation Centre.

Although the NPC (Non-Profit Company) was only registered February 2017, we have been in operation since 2012. As of November 2017, we are also registered as a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) which enables us to to issue Article 18A Certficates to our donors.

We realized that the community needed education with regards to disabilities and non-communicable diseases which may lead to disability, eg strokes and diabetes. With this in mind, family members and carers of the patient are trained and educated in the handling and caring of the patient. With firsthand knowledge of rehabilitation we can answer most of their questions and help them to connect with the right parties. When such a patient crosses the doorstep of a medical practitioner or any other persons, they can refer the patient to us to help them and provide support to the extent that we are able to at that time.

Through our facilitating role we solidify all the role players into a cohesive group, thereby multiplying awareness about disability in the community. The treatments consist of individual and group therapy for patients from ALL Institutions in the Breede River Valley. We are equipped to serve the community through our multi-disciplinary team with advice and high quality, affordable rehabilitation after neurological or orthopaedic setbacks.

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